Team meetingTravel and procurement managers negotiate hard with suppliers, so implementing tools which encourage, rather than force travellers to book with those suppliers, contributes  to reaching deal volumes and may help in future negotiations.

The next generation of Online booking tools offer all the benefits of managed travel, while meeting the needs and expectations of today’s workforce

Atlas Travel Smart Solutions deliver total visibility of spend on every single business trip to maxmise cost savings, policy compliance and travel safety whilst fulfilling a companies duty of care obligations. Change can be challenging so outsource and bring the experts along so we can help you enable change in your company easily with guaranteed outcomes of success and ease you will never look back.


Smart Data puts travel management analytics at your fingertips. Our easy to use dashboard reporting can help every aspect of a travel programme including a breakdown of spend by individual supplier, missed savings and compliance reporting. Potential savings can be projected and managed using different scenarios and scorecard bench marking.


Our smart solutions suite across mobile, desktop and Business Travel Center offer an unrivaled solutions suite backed up with heritage service offline ensure we are the perfect corporate travel partner that recognises the role of travel technology combined with traditional servicing concepts.


You have easy access to a clear and simple process for seeking authorisation to travel with our automated approval function.


Smart tracking technology powers our duty of care programmes by ensuring travellers have the support when and where they need it 24 x 7.

Atlas Travel is an Irish Travel Management Company (TMC) experienced in the provision of corporate travel services. We offer local service, professionalism, experience and knowledge with the global backing and expertise of our partners, American Express Global Business Travel. We fully support the travel manager through our range of solutions and servicing concepts.